Geothermal loops are installed in boreholes. The depths of these boreholes vary but generally they are in the range of 50m to 200m.Waterwell Drilling at Crossgar by Quinn Piling  Water is circulated through the geothermal loop and heat energy can either be extracted or absorbed. This can be used to either heat or cool a building. 

To extract heat, a heat pump is connected to the loop. These heat pumps have a coefficient of performance (COP) of approximately 3.5 (depending on ground conditions and heat pump model). 

Geothermal Piles

Geothermal loops can also be installed in bored cast-in-place piles.  All systems are designed using computer programs to calculate both the fluid flow and the energy extraction/absorption.  Once the geothermal loops are placed in the borehole/pile the hole is then injected with thermally enhanced grout/concrete, which surrounds the loops. The thermally enhanced grout/concrete helps to conduct the earth’s heat into the fluid held within the loops. The grout also protects the loops from the elements and adds stability to the borehole.


Quinn Piling has designed and installed our own geothermal heating system for our new offices in Down Business Park. We can take this experience and expertise and use it on your own projects.