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Anchors / Soil Nails

A ground anchor is a structural member, which can transmit an applied tensile force to a load bearing stratum. The main application on existing structures is to prevent horizontal movement of retaining walls, bridge abutments, etc. In new construction, anchors are used to retain sheet pile, bored pile walls steel tubes. Anchors may be inclined or vertical, passive, prestressed, temporary or permanent.

Examples of where ground anchors may be used

Advantages for using Ground Anchors

Anchor capacities generally range from 100kN to over 3,150kN, with lengths of up to 70m. The capacity achievable depends upon the quality of the anchoring material and the tendon used. The anchor hole may be straight shafted or under-reamed with bar or strand tendon.

Different types of anchor are available to suit a particular application

Tendons can be made of steel bar, wire strand or GRP and are fabricated under factory conditions. This is usually done by an external supplier, but for large projects Quinn Piling can set up dedicated manufacturing facilities.



Ground Anchors Victoria Terminal Belfast


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