Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)

CFA piles are suitable for most construction projects. Causing minimum disturbance, they are ideal for noise and environmentally sensitive sites for both load bearing piles and excavation support i.e. contiguous walls and secant walls.

What is CFA used for?

Basic Technique

A hollow stemmed continuous flight auger is rotated into the ground to the required depth. As the auger is withdrawn, concrete is pumped down the hollow stem while the operator monitors the concrete pressure and flow rate forming a shaft of liquid concrete to ground level. A reinforcing cage is then inserted in to the wet concrete and pushed in by hand, attending excavator or vibrated in.



All Quinn Piling CFA rigs are fitted with sensors and a computer based monitoring system as the piles are bored data is sent to the Quinn Piling head office. The system provides instant data on parameters such as:

The data is presented in tabular and graphical format analysed on site to produce graphical representations of pile shaft.


CFA Piling Gloucester Street Belfast CFA Piling Russell Street Dublin
CFA Piling Connaught Street Athlone CFA Piling Kilroot Power Station


Please click on the images above to download some case histories. For further case histories please go to our Projects page.